RPM XL has been providing quality custom-built single-shot pistols since our founding in 1978. It is our mission to produce a Premium Quality Single Shot Pistol, designed for long-range competition and hunting.

- Jim Rock has owned RPM XL since 1978.

- The XL Pistol (formerly Merrill Pistol) has been around since 1948.
- RPM started to manufacture the pistol in 1978.
- We changed the name of the pistol from Merrill to XL in 1985.
- We then moved from California to Tucson, Arizona in 1989.

Below, we have tried to answer the most common questions visitors to our web site may have. If you find that your question is not answered on this page, please e-mail us rpmxl1@msn.com or call us at 520.825.1233.

Q: What does the "XL" stand for?
A: In Roman Numerals XL = 40. 40 is a perfect score in IHMSA or NRA long range handgun competition. After many years of trial and error in the design of our firearm, the XL Pistol has developed a reputation for its long-range power and accuracy at IHMSA and other silhouette competitions. Many of our customers are so impressed with these features that they rely on the XL Pistol (rather than a rifle or a shotgun) for hunting.

Q: What is the legal process for purchasing one of your firearms?
A: We can deliver directly to the purchaser if they are Arizona residents by filling out a 4473 form and receiving a proceed from NICS. Out of state residents must take delivery from an FFL (Federal Firearms License) in their state of residence.

Q: Can you assist with the initial sighting in of my new single-shot pistol?
A: We Laser Bore Sight all pistols and barrels before shipment. We will also develop load data and sight-in at 100 yards for an extra fee. If you are in town, please call during office hours and we will be happy to assist you in sighting in your own weapon.

Member NRA, Life Member IHMSA

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